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Informing Guests with Strategic Signage Marking Entry Points and Boundaries

Informing Guests with Strategic Signage Marking Entry Points and Boundaries

As a landowner, ensuring the sustainable use of your land and maintaining a safe environment for hunters and recreational activity enthusiasts is paramount. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of using signage as a powerful tool to communicate entry points and boundaries, ultimately safeguarding your land.

Defining Boundaries:

One of the primary roles of signage on your land is clearly marking boundaries. After subscribing to and paying the $9.99/year, landowners can post their land. After the land has been posted landowners receive a free 16” x 16” metal sign identifying you as a CLAS member and inviting registered guests onto your land. CLAS also offers boundary signs at affordable prices. We have the ‘Black Boundary Sign’ which is used to mark the boundaries of the land.  Strategically placed signs help establish the limits of your land, preventing accidental trespassing by neighboring hunters or other individuals. This not only protects the integrity of your land but also ensures the safety of all parties involved.

Communicating Rules and Regulations:

CLAS also offers the ‘Red Access Sign’ which as the name suggests, indicates access points. Every hunting ground operates under a set of rules and regulations, whether established by local authorities or personalized to suit your land. Using access signs and other informative signs, you can effectively communicate these guidelines to hunters and visitors. Clear instructions on hunting seasons, permissible game species, and specific regulations such as Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) can be included thus contributing to a responsible and sustainable hunting environment.

Safety First:

Signage is a powerful tool for promoting safety on your land. Displaying signs indicating safe zones, designated shooting areas, and emergency contact information enhances the overall safety of the hunting experience. This is particularly crucial for minimizing the risk of accidents and fostering a culture of responsible hunting practices.

Wildlife Conservation Messages:

As a steward of the land, you have the opportunity to use signage to convey messages about wildlife conservation. Highlighting the importance of respecting natural habitats, refraining from littering, and adhering to ethical hunting practices fosters an environment that prioritizes the well-being of both the land and its inhabitants.

Deterrence and Security:

Signage can serve as a deterrent for potential trespassers or poachers. Clearly posted signs, combined with warnings about legal consequences, send a strong message that your land is protected. Additionally, well-placed signage can help identify private land, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access.

Customized Information:

Every land is unique, with its own set of features, challenges, and opportunities. Customized signage allows you to convey specific information about your land, such as designated hunting zones, water sources, or conservation projects. CLAS also offers decals, these transferable adhesives give you the ability to place the signage in different places with no hassle. This personalized touch enhances communication and fosters a sense of community among guests who visit your land.

As a landowner, you decide who is allowed on your land, when, for how long and for what purpose. Your land is like no other. Your description of it will determine how many access signs you need and what kind of guest access you want to provide. Signage serves as the silent guardian of your land. You describe the activities you allow on your terms, under your rules and according to your schedule. You convey essential information, establish boundaries, and promote responsible practices. As a landowner, strategically using signs enhances safety. You know at all times who is on your land, when and why.  It contributes to the conservation of wildlife and habitats. Sign up to the Canadian Land Access Systems app here:

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